Changes to Christmas and Boxing Day Opening Hours

NHS England have been promoting community pharmacy to the public as a first stop for self-care and professional advice to elderly people who are “feeling under the weather”. In order to support this NHS England will be asking all primary care contractors whose contracted hours include Saturdays to open their normal hours on 26 December 2015. Local arrangements will be put in place to ensure adequate pharmaceutical services are available on the Boxing Day Bank Holiday on 28th December 2015.”

Pharmacies are therefore advised that:

  • Any requests to close on Saturday 26th December by pharmacies with core hours on this day will be refused.
  • Any applications by pharmacies to amend their core hours on Saturday will be considered in line with The National Health Service (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical  Services) Regulations 2013.
  • Pharmacies should note that in, order to comply with paragraph 26 of Schedule 3, such applications will need to provide NHS England with such information as the NHS England may reasonably request in respect of any changes to the needs of the people in its area, or other likely users of the pharmacy, for pharmaceutical services that are material to the application.
  • In effect the pharmacy will be required to demonstrate that there has been a change in the needs of its patients that then necessitates a change to the pharmacy’s core hours.
  • Any changes to a pharmacy’s supplementary hours needs to be notified to NHS England at least three months in advance of the change.
  • Click on this link to download the forms to change supplementary hours
  • Send to completed form to Email Address:-