MaPPs access in only for City & Hackney Pharmacists


The access to the MaPPs software is live again- the web link to access MaPPs is


Just as a reminder, MaPPs is a bespoke electronic medicines information system which provides up-to-date patient information on almost all  drugs currently available in the UK both licenced and unlicensed.


Each drug on the MaPPs system provides key information in patient friendly language using less than 300 words  on the following:-


  • What the drug is and what is it has been prescribed for
  • How the drug is taken it
  • Possible side effects  
  • Warnings and Cautions


The intention is that healthcare professionals in GP practices and pharmacies across City & Hackney can print personalised leaflets for patients and residents who take medicines regularly. These leaflets should facilitate an interactive discussions with patients  and  also provide them with a record of key information for the patient to refer to, as and when needed.  MaPPs leaflets are not intended to replace manufacturers’ Patient Information Leaflet (PIL), as it still remains a legal requirement for a PIL to be supplied for every dispensed medicinal product.


A webinar demonstration of MaPPs is available on the City and Hackney CCG Intranet via the following link:


If you would like further information on MaPPs feel free to contact the City and Hackney CCG Medicines Management team on email: or the Mistura team (creators of MaPPs) on 01670 528451 for technical support.