Guidance on Management of Repeat Prescription Ordering

The Guidance has been agreed jointly between the LPC and the CCG.

Management_of Repeat_Prescriptions_Ordering_Final Jan 2016

In addtion to the guidance, if you order prescription on behalf of patients the LPC recommend the following

  • every staff member to be aware of the C&H Guidance on Managing Repeat Prescriptions and follow it
  • every request for a prescription to be signed and dated by the patient OR
  • for requests made by the patient over the phone, every request to be signed and dated by the pharmacist OR
  • for request made for MCS patients, every request to be signed and dated by pharmacist confirming that the SCR was viewed.
  • ideally whenever possible to use SCR (Summary Care Record) for every request for repeat prescription. This recommendation will require a huge increase in resources and will take time for the relevant staff to be authorised to use SCR, but this is high quality clinical governance.
  • update your SOP with the recommendations and train all staff on it.