Ordering Chlamydia Test Kits

Ordering Chlamydia Test Kits

If you need any male/female testing kits for your pharmacy – please email this email address with your request and state:

1. Number of male kits required (urine samples)

2. Number of female kits required  (vaginal swabs)

3. Name of pharmacy/address

We can send 40 kits maximum per order.

Please allow 3 working days for us to receive and process your order before we can post them to you.

Important reminders when providing kits!

  • Kits are to be given to clients ages under 25 only! Please refer over 25’s to Homerton Sexual Health or local sexual health service, their GP or online testing http://www.shl.uk
  • Please also ensure that you give the correct kit to males (URINE) and females (VAGINAL SELF SWAB). Some clients have been given the wrong kit from the pharmacy and the test has not been processed (and your pharmacy is not paid for these!)
  • Please don’t forget to log each kit that you give out on Pharmoutcomes to ensure your pharmacy is paid for this.
  • Please fill out the Pharmoutcomes proforma prior to giving the to the client to ensure they are eligible to use the service. Especially for under 18’s – as young people need to be assessed for Fraser Competency and sexual exploitation risks.
  • Please ensure the client reads the leaflet that comes with the kit and that they fill out ALL INFORMATION on the test request form. This included full name, DOB and 2 ways of contacting the patient. Test will not be processed if any information is missing and your pharmacy will not be paid for providing the test!
  • Please also remind clients to fill out the sticker in the pack and attach the sticker to their sample, or the lab may not process the test and you will not be paid for providing the kit.
  • Dont forget to offer a free condoms sign up to Come Correct (under 25’s) and Free Condom Project (over 25’s)
  • I have attached some information to remind you of the above!
If your service does not yet provide chlamydia/gonorrhoea home test kits and you would like your pharmacy to do so, please speak with Hitesh at the LPC.
Please feel free to email this email address (huh-tr.chlamydiascreening@nhs.net) if you have any queries about chlamydia screening, or call the sexual health adviser office on 02085107988.
Thank you and please keep up with your hard work in signposting clients to use the kits!
Jules Smith
Hackney Chlamydia Screening Coordinator
City & Hackney Chlamydia Screening Team
Health Adviser Office
Clifden Centre
Homerton Sexual Health Service
Homerton Hospital
E9 6SR
Tel: 0208 510 7995
Fax: 0208 510 7978