Come Correct – Free Condom Supply

Come Correct is the name of the London wide Condom Distribution Scheme for young people. Brook London and South East has been running a Condom Distribution Scheme (CDS) for young people in City and Hackney since 2005.
Come Correct makes it possible for young people to register once and then continue to access free condoms from outlets across London in any Come Correct borough .
In Hackney & the City the scheme is available to young people under 25 years old. There are over 80 locations within the borough where young people can register and/or get their condom supply. Locations known as outlets include youth centres, clinics, colleges and pharmacies and a full list can be found online at:
Brook also runs The Free Condom Project which is a newer Condom Distribution Scheme for over 25s who fall within certain risk groups. The scheme operates the same as Come Correct although is currently only available in Hackney and the City. A full list of outlets can be found at:
Brook offers free training for pharmacists and pharmacy staff to be able to deliver both schemes. For Information on training please visit:

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