LPC Committee

City and Hackney Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) is a representative committee for all community pharmacy contractors in the City and Hackney area. Working with Pharmacists, the NHS and Public Health to improve patient care.

The LPC is an elected body recognised and configured under the NHS Act, set up to represent the interest of all local NHS Pharmacy Contractors. The committee includes representatives from Independent Pharmacy Contractors, The Company Chemists Association (CCA) and The Association of Independent Multiples (AIMp).

The LPC is funded by a levy taken from each contractor in the City and Hackney area. In turn, the LPC pays a levy to the Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) to cover administration and LPC support. The LPC is required to be consulted by the local commissioning board on contractual matters and on a wide range of issues relating to community pharmacy


Chief Executive Officer

Yogendra Parmar

Tel: 07737081273

Email: candhlpc@gmail.com

Yogendra Parmar C&H LPC Confidentiality Agreement (vJan 15)

Yogendra Parmar C&H LPC Code of Conduct & Declaration of Interest from (vJan 15)

City and Hackney LPC Committee

Please contact all committee members via the office

Chairman – Raj Radia MRPharmS
Independent Contractor

Raj Radia CA

Raj Radia DOI

Vice Chair – Nickil Patel 
Independent Contractor representative


Treasurer  – Kirit Shah 
Independent Contractor

Kirit Shah CA

Kirit Shah – DOI

Kirit Sonigra 
Independent Contractor

KSo – CA.docx

KSo – DOI.docx

Stewart Evans
AIMp  – Safedale Ltd

Stewart Evans C&H LPC Confid Agreement Mar 21

Stewart Evans C&H LPC DOI Mar 21

Gulveer Sura
Company Chemists Association
Boots UK



Dee Fasan
Company Chemists Association
Boots UK

Dee Fasan CA(vJan 15)

Dee Fasan DOI

Mital Patel
Company Chemists Association
Boots UK

Mital Patel CA

Mital Patel DOI

Sunil Patel
Independent Contractor

Sunil Patel – City and Hackney LPC Declaration -Confidentiality form

Muntazir Esat

Independent Contractor Representative