CD Destruction of Out of Date stock

The NHS England London Region CDAO has adopted a novel approach to the management of CD destructions to develop a sustainable and timely system for everyone’s mutual benefit.  This will involve authorising, where appropriate, a healthcare professional from within the organisation to act as an Authorised Person, for a defined length of time at a specified premises.

To apply for this, please complete the online form found at .

This online form should be completed to facilitate the legal destruction of schedule 2 controlled drugs (CDs) by the specified persons at the specified premises.  The form must be completed by TWO people – the proposed Authorised Person and the person physically destroying the CDs in the presence of the nominated Authorised Person.


Once the form is completed and received the CDAO will, in many circumstances, designate the applicant an authorised person for the purposes of witnessing the destruction of controlled drugs.  The authorisation will be for a very short time and limited to the premises to which the application relates.  This will allow the CDs to be denatured at a convenient time, promptly and without the additional burden of waiting for a third party Authorised Person to attend – which has led to delays and operational difficulties in the past.

Please note:

  • The proposed Authorised Person MUST be a fully registered healthcare professional.
  • If the organisation operates as a sole trade, the sole trader may NOT act as the Authorised Person.

Please ensure that you work through the attached pre-request checklist before submitting your application (this does not need to be submitted).

You MUST NOT act as an Authorised Person until you have received an authority (electronically) from the CDAO.

We will endeavour to process all requests within 10 working days.

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Gawain Young

Clinical Advisor – Controlled Drugs

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