CPAF – Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework Arrangement 2016/2017

Community Pharmacy Assurance Framework (CPAF) – arrangements for 2016/17


To ensure that patients and members of the public receive safe, effective and high quality pharmaceutical services, NHS England has processes in place to monitor compliance by pharmacy contractors, who are included in one of NHS England’s pharmaceutical lists, with the terms of service set out in the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013 (the 2013 regulations).


One of these processes is the use of the community pharmacy assurance framework (CPAF). A new process was introduced in 2015/16 which was conducted in two parts.


Firstly all pharmacy contractors were invited to complete a short screening questionnaire consisting of ten questions to assure themselves and NHS England that they are compliant with the terms of service.


The data collected from this questionnaire along with other information held by NHS England was used to shortlist pharmacies who were being considered for a contract monitoring visit. Only these pharmacies were asked to complete a full CPAF questionnaire.


This new approach means that the majority of contractors do not need to complete the full CPAF questionnaire. However, both PSNC and NHS England recommend that all pharmacy contractors make use of the full CPAF questionnaire to assure themselves that they are compliant with the terms of service.


Following the success of the process for 2015/16, the process for 2016/17 will follow the same format, but will start earlier in the year to align with the usual compliance timeframes and to avoid pressure points. Pharmacies will be asked to complete the screening questionnaire during June 2016.


The NHS Business Services Authority (BSA) will carry out the administration of both the screening questionnaire and the full CPAF at a national level on our behalf and this is facilitated through a secure on-line mechanism to allow pharmacy contractors to complete their returns.


You will have four weeks to complete the screening questionnaire which will be available from Monday 6 June 2016 with a closure date of Sunday 3 July 2016. The questionnaire should only take around 20 minutes to complete and you will receive information and instructions on how to access and complete the questionnaire from the BSA in advance of the availability date.


Once you have submitted the completed questionnaire you will have the facility to save, print or access your responses for further reference.


The BSA will contact you shortly with instructions on how to access and complete the CPAF questionnaire.


For more information please refer to the PSNC website for CPAF and go to the 16/17   please refer to Contract monitoring process for 2016/17


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