NHS payment reconciliation

Dear Colleague


Following a large number of payment discrepancies highlighted by contractors, NHS England London Region has undertaken a reconciliation of affected enhanced and advanced local scheme services.

During the reconciliation process, a number of errors have emerged where-by contractors have not been paid for the provision of services, payments were made to the wrong local scheme, incorrect balances, overpayments and un explained payments.

The reconciliation has focused on the period from the activity month June 2016 to January 2017, with a small number of pharmacies with historic claims falling outside these dates.




Please find attached your statement, reconciling the following services:-

  • Local Scheme 1 – Minor Ailments
  • Local Scheme 2 – PURM
  • Local Scheme 8 – Dosette Box Service (MOS, MRD, MDS, MCA)

The statement layout features invoices for local scheme services on the left hand side and payment dates with credited balances on the right. Underneath the breakdown section allows a direct comparison between invoiced amounts and payments received, with the payment adjustment section balancing the local scheme totals.




If an overpayment has been highlighted in your account activity, resulting in an automatic recovery in the dispensing month of August 2017 (Payment beginning of September 2017)


If this overpayment can be explained with information specific to your pharmacy, please contact us by email supplying supporting evidence to validate your claim.  Any supporting evidence must be received by 20 July 2017


Please send supporting evidence to england.lon-pharmacy@nhs.net


Pre Reg


Pre Registration trainee grants have also been reconciled as a separate process and pharmacies should now have received up-to-date payments for all PRE REG grants with statements to follow shortly.  A balance payment was made in the dispensing month of February (April Payment) to correct any irregularities.


Additional Services


For contactors providing Advice to Care Homes, Hpylori and local Flu services, an additional reconciliation is underway with an expected completion of late June 17.


Many thanks


Jonathan Broughton

Payment Reconciliation Officer

NHS England, London Region

Dental, Optometry, Pharmacy Services

Skipton House  

80 London Road 


SE1 6LH 


Telephone: 0203 182 4993

Dental enquiries: England.Lon-dental@nhs.net

Optometry enquiries: England.lon-optom@nhs.net

Pharmacy enquiries:  England.lon-pharmacy@nhs.net