Process for registering NHSmail & other info

This letter went out to contractors in August 2017

New process for Pharmacies registering for NHSmail


Your pharmacy applied for an NHSmail account before 1 February 2017 in order to register for the Quality Payments Scheme. We are pleased to confirm that your request has been successful.  If you have not already been provided with an NHSmail account as part of the NUMSAS process we would like to invite you to now complete the registration process using the portal registration tool.

If you have already received a shared email account registration as part of the NUMSAS process you do not need to do anything further as you do not need a separate NHS mail account for each service.

To complete your registration, please visit the NHSmail pharmacy portal and complete the form ensuring all mandatory information is entered.


You will need to provide the following information relating to your pharmacy:

·         The practice’s Organisation Data Services (ODS) code

·         Registered BSA CPAF Pharmacy email address. (This is the email address which Pharmacies use to submit their CPAF survey form annually to the BSA)

·         Pharmacy premises GPhC registration number.

In addition you will need to provide the following information for Pharmacy employees

·         Name of the person who will be the “pharmacy shared mailbox owner” including First name and Last name)


The “pharmacy shared mailbox owner” will be able to:

·         Set up access to the premises specific shared mailbox account for relevant staff by linking their personal NHSmail accounts to this shared account

·         Activate the premises specific shared mailbox

·         Act as the person who will facilitate the setting up of NHSmail for the staff that will be working at the pharmacy, i.e. send through details to NHSDigital of the staff that require new email accounts and send on passwords and account details once they are received from the national NHS DigitalPharmacy Administration team.

·         Personal current email addresses and individual mobile telephone numbers for the staff that require an NHSmail account.  A link will be sent to the email address and a temporary password to the mobile number to allow the individual to log into their NHSmail account for the first time.


Setup guidelines

Each pharmacy premises should have a minimum of 2 staff with personal NHSmail addresses that can access the premises shared mailbox. If a staff member already has a personal NHSmail address then the Pharmacy Shared Mailbox Owner will be able to link that address to the shared mailbox address (guidance on how to do this will be made available). Note that personal NHSmail addresses can be linked to more than 1 premises shared NHSmail addresses.

Each pharmacy premises will be restricted to a maximum of 3 new NHSmail addresses apart from exceptional circumstances. Pharmacy owners are asked to consider which staff members are most appropriate to have access to the shared NHSmail address. For example locum staff would not need access as long as another staff member on duty does have access. This does not need to be a pharmacist.


If there is a person in your pharmacy who already has an NHSmail personal account (ending in, they should not be included in the above registration form to avoid a duplicate account being created.

An exercise will be carried out in the next few months to move existing NHSmail accounts, used by community pharmacists / pharmacies into the new NHSPharmacyorganisation so all pharmacy accounts are managed centrally.

Once the registration is complete and your accounts have been created, you should review the Community Pharmacies using NHSmail guide which provides information on how to use your NHSmail accounts and your NHSmail shared mailbox.

If you require further assistance, you should contact the NHS Pharmacy support team at

The Pharmacy service desk is available between 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday excluding bank holidays. Outside of the Pharmacy service hour’s simple tasks like password resets can be performed by the National Service Desk. For more complex tasks out of hours these can be logged through email pharmacyadmin@nhs.netor over the phone via the National Service Desk 0333 200 1133, these will be assigned to the Pharmacy resolver group to complete when they are next available.

Best wishes

The NHSmail team