Summary care records



  • SCR will be implemented across London by a project team set up by NHS London
  • Going live with SCR will involve pharmacists and technicians (level 3 GPhC registered only) completing online CPPE training
  • SCR is accessed through a secure website on web browser through PMR system, smartcard needed to login
  • Every pharmacist/technician will need a working smartcard to have the SCR role added onto it for access
  • At least one pharmacist from every pharmacy will have to attend a face to face implementation session (evening event organised locally)
  • NHS London and LPCs will communicate with every pharmacy through a joint letter inviting pharmacy colleagues to implementation events and explaining actions they need to take e.g. complete online CPPPE training before attending the event
  • It is anticipated that the implementation events and general rollout across London will commence April 2016 (date still to be still to be confirmed by NHS London)
  • Every pharmacy will receive a one off payment for going live with SCR, amount and process for payment to be confirmed shortly


What can I do now?

  • Make sure that every pharmacist and technician has a working smartcard
  • Unblock any blocked smartcard through RA sponsor and/or by contacting your local RA office
  • Make sure you know your local RA contact details in case of needing to resolve smartcard issues before go-live
  • Suggested that every pharmacy has an RA sponsor in place to speed up smartcard SCR role requests and deal with issues
  • CPPE training is available now for SCR but guidance is not to complete this until you receive your SCR letter advising when your implementation event date is