Accreditation for pharmacists providing Emergency Contraception Services in Hackney



  1. These requirements apply to the following services provided by Hackney pharmacists under Public Health Service Level Agreements (SLA) which incorporate Patient Group Directions (PGD) permitting supply of medications without prescription:


Service Medication 
Sexual Health

Levonorgestrel (emergency hormonal contraception)

& Ulipristal


  1. For each PGD, pharmacists must
    • hold a current signed contract with Hackney Council for delivery of the relevant Public Health Service
    • complete the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE) course for the service(s) they provide, and complete the relevant Declaration(s) of Competence (DoC) on the CPPE pro-forma for each service
    • either have attended a commissioner organised training session on the PGD, or have completed peer training on the relevant PGD(s) from a Hackney pharmacist who has been trained first hand at a commissioner organised training event and who has self-certified (ie completed the relevant DoC)
    • All resources mentioned on the PGD must be read and understood
    • record the peer training on their DoC.
 PGD for Levonorgestrol hshs lng-ec pgd 2018
PGD for Ulipristal hshs upa-ec pgd 2018
  1. Hackney Public Health (HPH) will recognise relevant PGD training successfully completed outside Hackney. In such cases, the pharmacist must
    • read the relevant Hackney PGD and affirm on the DoC that they have read and understood it
    • read and understand the relevant Hackney SLA, and record this on the DoC
    • have training from a Hackney pharmacist or technician on how to use the Pharmoutcomes platform for recording service delivery, and record this on the DoC.


  1. The Pharmacist must keep copies of the relevant DoC(s) to show to Homerton Hospital or their appointed person
  2. Please click on this link to make to confirm that you have completed all the training


  1. The Pharmacist must only start delivering the service(s) once they have completed the DoC on CPPE website and that Pharmoutcomes is able to register the pharmacist as an accredited practitioner